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Maryam Olfati - state certified translator and interpreter

Farsi Info 0173 / 8239602 (whats app)

Maryam Olfati - state certified translator and interpreter for the farsi & dari languages

 (iranian and afghan)

Certified translation of  licenses and certificates - dari / farsi > german and english

My name is Maryam Olfati. I am a state certified interpreter and translator for the Dari and Farsi languages, both spoken in Iran and Afghanistan.I do not only translate for private persons, but  for official ministries and courts. I am further sent to translate and interpret for ministrys, police services, courts and clinics. My tasks as a translator are translating and auchenticating driving licenses, birth certificates, diplomas, degrees and further documents.

In constant cooperation with refugee aid and charitable organizations and foundations

Übersetzungen für Gerichte und Anwälte auf persisch und farsi
Übersetzungsbüro für persische Dokumente - Handschake
Persische Übersetzungen - Teamwork

Translator for public affairs. On behalf of the federal ministries-Federal Police courts

 Translator for business relations with companies from the country of Iran 

Translator for questionnaires from health insurance companies and social institutions for transfer to German


For private and commercial inquiries
Translator for Iranian and Afghan:
Documents-Certificates-Certificates-Instructions and more

  • Business Translations
  • Private Translations
  • Telephone assistance for Hospitals
  • Telephone assistance for offices and authorities
  • Officially recognized translations

Translating Tazkira, Shenasnameh and other documents

We translate furthermore birth certificates from Afghanistan into the german language. It is also possible to translate documents which have been issued in english into the german language.

Simply send us your documents via email or whats app. Please pay attention to good quality. Since we do not know the spelling of your names, please let us have them. If your name is misspelled in the translation, the authorities may not recognize the translation. Please send us a copy of your German identity document or residence permit.

Certified translation of drivers licenses

 If you need to have your drivers license from Iran oder Afghanistan translated into german or english, we would be the right contact persons.

Translation of certificates, diplomas and school reports from Iran

It is also possible to translate your documents from Iran.

This can be diplomas, certificates and school reports that are translated into german.

The translation can  then be handed to the recognition office.

Translation of certificates, diplomas and  reports from Afghanistan

Other Documents from Afghanistan

No matter in which city you live in Germany. You can send us your documents by email and we will translate them for you. The translations are recognized by every court in Germany. Please do not send original documents by post. These are often lost.

Maryam Olfati - Übersetzer

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Lebacher Translation

Lebacher Translation


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Are you looking for a translator for Iranian or Persian/Afghan documents or deeds? We are happy to take over your orders! For further questions we are also available by email or telephone. Our office can be reached at the times indicated below. If you have any questions regarding your translation, or if you need information regarding the price, please contact us. Please note that we can no longer provide our services free of charge due to high inquiries. Please also understand that we recommend you for your concern regarding the right of asylum, not a lawyer and not a doctor in terms of health.

Terms and conditions regarding our translation activities

You will find our general terms and conditions, illustrated in the terms and Conditions section. Here you will find only the short form!

§ 1 orders that we do not accept as translators
We do not accept orders that are political or religious in nature as translators. Also no orders in which certain groups or races are offended or discriminated against

§ 2 Iranian/Persian translations with synonyms
We reserve the right not to translate our templates from the Persian language word for word, but in such a way that the readers of the respective language (Persian, Farsi, German) are well understood. The client agrees to this!

§ 3 Disclaimer of liability
The interpreting and translation agency Olfati cannot be held accountable for costs incurred as a result of incorrect wording, spelling mistakes or other errors in translating or converting. The client accepts this clause when placing the order.

§ 4 Payments
The private client receives the translated documents only after receipt of payment. Discounts or price reductions are not granted.

§ 5 Forwarding of orders
The client agrees that the translation agency Olfati may be able to forward the order to another translator. !



  1. Translating Iranian testimonies into German (certified certificate)
  2. Iranian  driving licences translated from Persian (certified deed)
  3. Translator for birth certificates from Iran or Afghanistan (Certified certificate)
  4. Translating Iranian documents and diplomas from Farsi (Certified certificate)
  5. Translating certificates and forms from health insurance and public authorities into the Iranian language
  6. Translators for all other documents, with the exception of religious literature and information from parties, to the Iranian language
  7. Persian documents from work and school and continuing education with certification